Some fun character sketches I did for a D&D campaign. Hadn't drawn anything in a while, and felt like it was long overdue.

The pixie draws influence from the Lorwyn/Shadowmoor faeries in the Magic: The Gathering universe. I've always loved how they had creepy insect parts incorporated into them.
Vasily Voroshilov - Dragonborn Archer Warlord
Maldwyn - Pixie Thief
Bulbapedia's Type Chart
Pokemon, a classic turn-based RPG series, has always been grounded in a base system of checks and balances:  the "type" (or "Element") of each Pokemon has a concrete set of strengths and weaknesses. Some of these traits are inherently obvious; Fire melts Ice. Some, however, are somewhat less so; Ground-type Pokemon are particularly strong against Poison-types. Once you add several strategic factors in to the mix-- critical hits, attack accuracy, passive stats and abilities,  Pokemon with multiple typings,  Pokemon learning attack types outside of their respective typing, and so on-- you are left with a surprisingly deep and interesting core mechanic. The basic concepts here are simple enough for a child to grasp... after all, Pokemon at its core is a simple game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. However, the layers of strategy available to players has given Pokemon a serious competitive following (see premiere competitive Pokemon site, Smogon).

For more information on Pokemon types, visit Bulbapedia's Type Chart, pictured above. You can also find a more comprehensive write-up on Pokemon typing at the Pokemon Wikia, and a Hybrid Type Chart from Pokemon news site

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The completed character:  11,560 tris and two 1024x1024 textures (one for flesh/cloth, one for the porcelain armor).

I may revisit the porcelain armor at some point, but for now, I think I'll move on to a new pet project.

A screen grab from my current project, Elesh Norn, a character from the "Magic: The Gathering" universe (check out the actual card here).

I started this project as way to get back into character modeling from a piece of concept art. I decided to go a little bit higher on the tri count than normal; she's at about 11,500 tris. Moving into the sculpting stage now... should be fun!

It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of MMO games. I played World of Warcraft for years, played The Old Republic to the end game, and I am currently (anxiously) awaiting Guild Wars 2. What makes GW2 so attractive to me, interestingly enough, is the fact that it’s attempting to do away with the “tried and true” Tank-DPS-Healer trinity of gameplay roles. For those not familiar with these roles, here’s the gist:  Tanks are the vanguards that absorb damage and protect the rest of the party, DPS (damage-per-second) deal damage with impressive attacks and flashy spells, and Healers, of course, heal and buff the rest of the party with supportive abilities. Now, I love this classic MMO trinity, but I’m excited to see how GW2 handles a new paradigm of class roles.

However, while musing on the nature of those classic roles, I drew an amusing parallel between the MMO trinity and the various roles at a game development company. Hear me out for a moment; this may be a superficial observation, but I felt it was at least amusing enough to record...

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I realized something this past weekend, I think;  as my free time to play my beloved FPS games lessens (read: I continue to be a responsible adult) the more depressing stat tracking is for me.

I remember, way back when Call of Duty 4:  Modern Warfare was all the rage, I cared deeply about my stats. I was far from a "pro" at the game, I guess, but back in the hubris of my relative youth, KDR (Kill/Death Ratio) was all that really mattered to me. I ended my Modern Warfare "career" with a formidable KDR somewhere around 2.4 or so. This was, of course, a result of playing nearly every day. When Call of Duty:  World at War was released (the next game in the series), I believe I scraped the tail end of a 2.0 KDR overall. Following that, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops respectively saw a similar decline. When Modern Warfare 3 came out last year, it only took a few play sessions of negative KDR to turn me off of the game completely.

Now, while I have strong opinions on map design in recent Call of Duty multiplayer, specifically with how sight lines have become shorter and flanking routes have become more tangled and numerous, most of this decline stems directly from having less and less time to devote to a game so passionately. Nevertheless, having a record of precisely how awful I am at the game isn't exactly helping my perception.

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The capstone prototype I worked on at FIEA, "Dead West," was featured on Game Career Guide! This wonderful write-up was done by Pat Dietz, our design lead and original creator of "Dead West."

Check it out!

In other news, transitioning to my new position at Zynga (and by that, I mean the winter gaming glut) hasn't left me a lot of free time for personal projects, but I haven't forgotten about Verdigris! I have Zbrush; now I just need to sit down and get to work!

... just let me finish this... one... Flashpoint in SW:TOR first...
With the glut of the 2011 gaming season now in full-force, I haven't had much time for independent projects, so I pulled myself away from Battlefield 3 for a few minutes to do a modeling and design concept:  a League of Legends Champion!

And I've also started on the modeling; I wanted to started sculpting him today, but I no longer have access to Zbrush! Sadface! Santa will have to bring me a copy for Christmas.

WIP:  His current iteration is sitting around 5k tris. Click "READ MORE" below to see what I've penned up for his abilities so far!
Oh, look! I wrote a tutorial. Does what it says on the tin (hopefully). Regardless, I learned a lot by writing it, so there's that!

I used some of the techniques in the guide to make the hi-poly sculpt of the MSBU, also below for your viewing pleasure. Click on it the image to expand. :D
File Size: 2148 kb
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For the MSBU! Roughly 7k tris.